Anger Management Program

The Anger management program is a weekly group therapy session witch meets for an hour and a half.

The Group focuses on the following:

  1. Examining anger management skills as a prerequisite for changing bettering behaviors.
  2. Learning how to replace current negative methods of dealing with anger in more appropriate and effective techniques.
  3. Learning how to convert anger episodes into an opportunity to develop self-respect.
  4. Learning to identify and effectively cope with the underlying fear associated with anger (i.e. jealousy and possessiveness.

The Goal of the program is to reduce levels of anger in provocative situations. To learn effective coping behaviors in order to halt escalation of anger and to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Participation in the program can help you :

  1. Reduce Levels of anger
  2. Directing anger in healthy ways of problem -solving
  3. Identifying triggering situation's
  4. Change unhealthy thinking
  5. Apply new coping approaches such as conflict management and empathy skills

The Following are some possible signs having difficulty coping with anger:

  1. You feel (or fear) being out of control when you are angry.
  2. You often feel tense, irritable or frustrated.
  3. You Find yourself frequently gossiping or complaining about others rather than speaking to them directly about what is bothering you.
  4. You frequently feel hurt or resentful that others treat you unfairly.
  5. You hurt others, especially those you care about , by demeaning or putting them down, cursing at them, or verbally being abusive . You end up regretting something you said angry or did when angry.
  6. You take out your anger on someone or something else rather than the person or situation that is bothering you.
  7. You have physically lashed out when angry (e.g. destroyed property, hit someone, etc. ).
  8. You have lost or are in danger of loosing relationship, job or something else important to you because of your anger.
  9. You have been arrested or have legal difficulties because of your anger.
  10. Use alcohol or drugs to try to calm your emotions.
  11. Others ( e.g. friends, family, professors, academic administrators, bosses) have expressed concerns about your anger.



        GROUPS:                   WEDNESDAY                        4:30 – 6:00 P.M. ---- ENGLISH          

FEES:                          $70.00  ENROLLMENT   /   $25.00   GROUP SESSION FEE

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