About-Face: DVIP, Inc

Alan Johnson

​​Marin Castillo - Valle 


I have worked at About Face since 2010.   I am the facilitator for:

  • Batterers  Treatment group
  • Individual / family psychotherapy
  • Sexual Offender Treatment program

I am an MFT Registrant, (IMF 80595).  I also hold both certification as a sexual offender provider with CASOMB (California Sexual Offender Management Board), Apprentice Provider, and a certified domestic violence facilitator.   My work at About-Face is fulfilling  and I am passionate about working  with the population served.  

Dr. Sandra .G Baca   

Martin Mejia


​I have worked at About-Face over 15 years.   I am the facilitator for:

  • Batterer's Treatment group
  • Parent Education /Child Abuse program

 I am a certified domestic violence facilitator.   I first started as an Intern working toward my Bachelor's Degree.  Upon finishing my degree I was hired and have been working at About-Face since.

​​​Anne  Brace                        Registrant #:  IMF 68673


​Multicultural and trilingual.  Experienced in working with individuals, families affected by domestic violence, sexual abuse and substance abuse.  

I have been in the field of community mental health for 30 years.  

  • anger management counselor counselor (CAAMP)
  • substance abuse specialist  (CATC and    A-CRA)      

Yvonne Vollarie

Heby Orozco

I  specialize in helping you the client  reach your court needs and expectations.   I am extremely knowledgeable about the laws pertaining to domestic violence and my  team works closely with clients and are fully committed to exceeding client and court expectations.  We frequently reach out to the court and work side by side to better the community.

Professional Team


License # MFT24284

​Maria Suarez 


​I  have worked at About Face over 12 years.  I am the facilitator for:

  • Batterer's treatment group
  • Woman's Support group
  • Sexual Awareness group
  • Parent Education / Child Abuse program

I am a certified domestic violence facilitator.     I enjoy working with families, especially seeing them after they have gone through the program.    It is a joy for me when families are reunited and return to see me to introduce me to their loved ones.

Aside from About-Face, I also started by own non-profit organization, Maria Suarez Foundation.   Click on my Bio to learn more about my foundation.